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The Simple Image Access web service conducts a position based search of the Chandra Source Catalog. One specifies the RA, DEC, and search radius (SR) in decimal degrees and receives one of three available result sets based on the value of the verbosity (VERB) parameter. The service implements the IVOA Simple Image Access Specification (v1.0).

The base URL of the Chandra Source Catalog Simple Image Access is

The service accepts the following parameters in the HTTP query:

An image access request may be executed on the Unix command line using the HTTP query syntax with a command-line tool such as cURL or Wget. A VO image search on the position 246.7925, -24.32027, using a search region 1.66 decimal degrees in both right ascension and declination and verbosity level 2, would appear as follows, where we perform the query using Wget:

wget -O out.vot ',-24.32027&SIZE=1.66&VERB=2'

Alternatively, a form has been provided which will perform a Simple Image Access search.