CSCview Version 1.0.1
1. Option to save results in file was removed from Edit->Preferences
   and is now a checkbox that can be selected for each Query.

2. Changes to support new versions
   - If a previously downloaded applet has been cached 
     by the user's browser, check its version against the version 
     requested for a new download and if different do download
     w/o requiring restart of the browser.
   - Allow queries saved using an earlier version of the applet
     to be loaded if the new version is compatible as for 1.0.1 and 1.0

3. In the Source Properties hierarchical view by Group, open node
   to expose posid in the default display in order to ease its search
   when the "posid required" message pops up when looking for products.

4. Always display Galactic coordinates in decimal degrees, regardless
   of the setting of the output coordinate format preference.

5. When ra/dec appears using "Output Coordinate Format=decimal", use 
   default format (%.5f). Instead, it was using native format.

6. Reduced excessive logging in the server log.

7. Packaged lose images, xml and other files used in applet display
   for faster loading of the applet.

8. Fixed bug that was causing Results, Sort order and Search Criteria
   areas in Query to not be selectable and therefore not editable
   using menu/toolbar options on MacOS.

9. Fixed bug which was causing the browser to freeze on all platforms
   on a second attempt to load the applet after a first time closing.

10. When closing the applet, dispose of memory used by singleton objects
    to make sure that they do not cause memory loss over multiple
    loadings of the applet in the same browser instance.

11. Other internal changes (obsolete files cleanup, option for node
    expansion in properties hierarchy)