CSCview Version 1.0.2


1. Added application based help with a "Getting Started" thread.
   Added user preference to allow Getting Started help to display upon
   application startup.  Default is to display on startup.

2. Added toolbar button display style to the user preferences.  Text and
   icon, icon only, and text only options are available in the
   Preferences dialog.  The application starts with Text and icons in an
   effort to improve usability.

3. Standard Queries were moved from menu into query panel. Queries can
   be added with Add toolbar button or by dragging & dropping.

4. New Properties by Group hierarchy, improved Properties by Band Hierarchy.

5. Default standard query automatically loads when application starts
   This feature can be changed in Preferences (Edit->Preferences)

6. Added option to reset application (File->Reset)

7. Adding properties to query components can now be done with one click
   of Add toolbar button. It previously required selecting query component.
   The black border around components was removed.

8. Result Set/Sort Order will automatically remove duplicate properties.

9. Search Criteria will remove duplicate match_type entries.

10. Added ability to "count" number of rows without selecting Result Set.
    This will count the number of master sources with the given search criteria.

11. Automatically add "productid" to most queries when run from form
  - If only master source properties in query, productid will be the primary posid 
    for the mast property.
  - The new "productid" column will appear on left in "row header" of table; 
    it will follow vertical scroll but not horizontal scroll.
    The user can not move column from far left, nor resize the column.
  - "Save" on results tab will not save "productid" column.
  - If user selects "count" from form, "productid" will not be added. 
    Products can not be retrieved in this case.
  - Simililarly, if user selects "distinct rows" and does not have
    master source name in the result set, products are unavailable.
  - The ADQL view of form will display "productid". If user runs this
    query with "Save results to file" option, productid will be in results.
  - This feature removes the need to add "posid" to queries in order to get products.

12. Added "is_primary" as a new associations property. Users can use
    this to determine if a source observation was the primary used for master source.

13. Toolbar changed appearance:
  - By default, toolbar shows icon & text. Can change in preferences.
  - Removed cut/copy/paste and preferences from toolbar.
  - Added space between groupings

14. Clear button was renamed to Deselect.

15. Added keyboard accelerator for "New" menu item (ctrl-N)

16. Made preferences persistent across sessions.

17. Made "current working dir" persistent, although not settable in preferences.

18. Dialog boxes now appear in center of application when opened.

19. The "getProperties" CLI address changed to csccli (was cscview).
    This allows the servlet to continue running while updating a version of the applet.

20. Moved text "Data Products:" and "Source Properties:" from being inside the 
    display tree structure to being above, for a more consistent look throughout application.

21. Added menu bar to Download Manager to match Help

Bug Fixes:

1. Saved results had a bug that the column names were missing "o." 
   for source observation properties.

2. When server side encountered internal error connecting to
   DB, applet was not reporting error (just silently failing).

3. In query browser, could only select row in Search Criteria by
   selecting property name. Row should be selected wherever we click.

4. When doing "New" or "Open", "Save results to File" was being cleared.

5. In query browser, select a rows in Sort Order. Then click on
   "Save Results to File". The row selection should not be lost.

6. When doing "New" or "Open", property selections were not being

7. When switching between property or product views, the selections 
   were not being cleared.

8. Preferences was not accessible from Products tab.

9. Clicking below results rows was clearing row selection.

10. When in Preferences dialog, the toolbar items "Select all" and 
    "Clear" are active, even though those items aren't available.