CSCview Version 1.1.0


1. New metadata display for selected properties and filetypes on 
   the Query and Results page respectively.

2. Modified standard queries include w-band properties for HRC.

3. Separation in arcsec is automatically added to Result set when doing Cone Search.

4. Save Results to file options are now TSV (Vizier compatible)
   and VOTable.

5. Added "Empty Query" and "Default Query" as options under New.

6. New Source Previewer displays jpg images for selected source 
   via View icon on the Results page.

7. Results can be sorted by clicking on column header.

8. Results are now displayed in a single page and the total 
   number of found rows is reported.

9. On the Products page rows can be selected individually
   for a custom package or a single file download.

10. Checkboxes were added for row selection on the Results
    and Products pages. These selections are more persistent,
    they require explicit unselection as opposed to the
    previous model.

11. Select All and Deselect menu options have been removed as
    a Select All button can now be found near the selection
    boxes where it is needed.

12. The Add, Remove, Up, Down menu options have been removed.
    new controls have been added locally to the Result Set,
    Sort Order and Search Criteria on the Query page. This was
    in order to bring the action closer to where is needed
    and make space on the toolbar for more application wide options.

13. New SAMP feature: Send the entire Results or Selected rows
    on the Results page and receive back a set of selections
    from the remote client. Send a file on the Products page.
    - Results and Products can be mixed e.g. send a fits image
      from Products to ds9, then go back to Results, send some
      rows as coordinates and see them displayed on the image in ds9.
    - In order to communicate via SAMP a hub is needed.
      CSCview does not start one and neither does ds9. Topcat
      used to but in the most recent release we do not see the
      gui option. It can be started at the Topcat command line 
      by -exthub.

14. Allow multiple instances of CSCview to run in the same browser session.

Bug Fixes:

1.  Preferences were intermittently persistent when closing browser 
    and reopening browser. 

2.  In CSCview property search, coordinates (ra/dec) should accept 
    sexagesimal format.

3.  Revised what happens if error (division by zero, for example) happens 
    after results start loading. It was just hanging saying "Retrieving...".

4.  When pop-up blockers are on in browser, help pages do not come up

5.  Run query; hit cancel at the right moment and you can end up on
    Results tab with blank right side.

6.  Loading a saved query would not clear out query components, leaving user 
    with extra items.

7.  Run long, long query. No way to cancel after first page appears.

8.  On Search Criteria, if a string contains a single quote, the error was unclear. 
    Changed to be a clear validation error.