CSCview Version 1.1.1


1. Expects Java 6 plug-in to run. (Was Java 5.)

2. CSCview no longer relies on client access to port 7001.

4. For the CSC pages ( a new javascript 
   is provided which will launch the applet directly, bypassing the 
   intermediary screen.

5. New Crossmatch feature

  - User can specify table of multiple sources to search against
    - table can be a local file (VOT, TSV) 
    - user can use table from SAMP, or type in their own table
    - limited to first 5000 rows
  - User specifies which columns are ra/dec.
  - User specifies the unique object ID (objid) to display for the match
  - User can specify radius as a value or a column in table
  - User can specify sigma [for calculation of probability]

  - Result set includes objid, separation, & probability, and Sort Order 
    includes by objid & separation at the top of the sort.
    These items are added when "Crossmatch" is selected in Position Search
    and removed when "Crossmatch" is deselected.

  - Crossmatch appears on language (ADQL) view
    - As a consequence, when on the Language form, hitting Save will no 
     longer save as ADQL but will save as "cscquery.prop" in order to 
     save the form data.
  - Result panel will show # matched rows and # rows in user table 

6. Cone Search

  - User no longer needs to press Name Resolver to resolve name. 
    Instead, user can just enter the object name directly.

  - The Separation column is now added as soon as "Cone" is selected 
    (as opposed to when ra/dec are both filled in). 
    The Separation is also added to the sort order.  The Separation column 
    disappears from anywhere on the form when "cone" is unselected.

  - Gives better feedback on ra/dec invalid values. Specifically, 
    if ra and dec are text, it gave the error: 
    "Error in cone search: couldn't parse fields." Now it will say 
    "For property ra, value must either be a floating point value or in HMS format."

7. New File menu item: Export, used to export either Query Form or Language page 
   to ADQL (which can then be uploaded in csccli)

8. When loading a saved query, CSCview will switch to the form or to the language view, 
   depending on how the query was saved. Loading a text (ADQL) file on the language view 
   will still load just the text.

9. Before switching to language view, CSCview will now validate the form. 
   If the form has invalid entries, the user can not view the language view. 
   (The application used to either give incomplete ADQL or state 
   "ERROR validating query" on the language view.)

Bug Fixes:

1. On query panel, open file and select a .pdf or .tar file. Sometimes
   the load fails silently instead of giving an error.
  - example file: UDF/Databases/level3/UI/Test/cscview/testfiles/fw4.pdf

2. Add RA to Search Criteria. Type in value "12.0". This is considered in hours
   instead of in degrees (i.e. it gets converted to 180).

3. In Search Criteria, dec does not accept negative values.

4. In Search Criteria, ra and dec should be allowed to be any floating point value, 
   not just within standard values.

5. Using cone search with exact ra/dec matches can give the error "Domain error occurred".

6. Perform query using count(), then save results to disk. "total_count" column missing

7. Go to ADQL view. Load ADQL file. Progress bar should say "Query loaded".

8. Start with empty query. Add Master Source Basic Summary. Notice that
   the metadata contains the "Name" column twice.

9. Workaround for Java bug 6993691 created in Java 1.6.0_22 which could cause the second 
   launch of CSCview to have two problems: Getting Started screens are blank, 
   and results column headers are blank. 

10. NULL values in results are displayed as 'NUL' for floating point data with precision 
    less than the length of the null value string.


1. In the Query Form, ColumnInfo replaced by QueryItem on page, 
   to allow for generalized query items, and to allow query items 
   to self-validate their values and to know how to display themselves.