CSCview Version 1.1.3

Bug Fixes:

1. Fix for typo and a missing field in the schema location attribute associated 
   with the VOTable 1.2 namespace in generated VOTables. The incorrect syntax 
   had the potential to break an application that attempted to make use of the 
   attribute while reading a CSCview output VOTable.

2. Changed the format character 'G' to 'E' in the precision attribute of some fields
   in generated VOTables in order to comply with VOTable v1.2 recommendation.


1. New popup boxes at startup to inform users about a new version
   or connectivity problems.

2. Better resolved messages returned when the application is not functional due
   to a Chandra Source Catalog server unavailability for scheduled maintanance,
   a network or a server failure.

3. Made a new CSCview version download optional if it is such that
   the old version will continue to function. Also made release notes
   for all versions available via a link from the application's download page