CSCview Version 1.1.5

Bugs Fixes:

1. CSCview hangs while initializing SAMP client list because of problems in accessing
   the icon for certain clients. Changed SAMP code to use more fault tolerant icon 
   initialization technique.

2. The u.objid column is truncated in crossmatch results.

3. During initialization CSCview may hang if certain types of errors occur. 
   Added handling of these error types so that CSCview gives the user an error 

4. Keyboard shortcut for Tools and Help menu items on main panel not functioning 


1. Added support for 'mas' as well as 'arcsec' for crossmatch sigma.

2. Improved drag & drop in query builder by highlighting the location pointed by 
   the arrow where the item will be dropped. The change is supported by a new feature 
   in Java 6.
3. Increased the default width of the application's panel when launched outside of 
   an applet for better display of items such as properties in the sidebar and Name 
   in Cone search.

4. Internal changes to URLs from to for better 
   long term support.

5. Internal changes to take advantage of new features in Java 6 in replacement of 
   custom code
   - handling of icons in the toolbars
   - managing asynchronous tasks