CSCview Version 1.1.6

Infrastructure changes:

- Migration of the application server to new hardware, operating system and Java server.

- Upgrade of client and server components to JDK 1.7 and JEE 1.6

- Redesign of the client-server interface from RMI to HTTP for compatibility with 
  the new systems. 

- The changes are transparent to the users. The following bugs were fixed as a result 
  of the migration.

Bug fixes:

1. CSCview hangs on Mac OS X with "stealth mode" enabled. 

2. CORBA error on invalid ADQL query when a client is running JRE 1.7 against the server 
   running JRE 1.6. It should be a parse error instead.

3. On launch, the Java console has an exception: 

Security Improvement:

- The applet is now digitally signed using a trusted certificate.
  This improves the security warning at launch and the overall user experience.
  On the MacOS it also allows the application to run within the recommended 
  Java Security levels, previously it required a lower level setting.