CSCview Version 1.2.0


1. Cross match Position Search now allows up to 250,000 rows in the uploaded 
   table.  The speed of the match has been significantly improved.  Cross match
   now consists of a single table 'cross_match' rather than the pair of tables 
   'user_table' and 'cross_match'.  The 'cross_match' table contains only the 
   rows from the uploaded table which match CSC master sources and consists of
   four columns: 'usrid', 'msid', 'separation', and 'probability'.  The 'usrid'
   column in the 'cross_match' table maps to the column selected in the 
   'Object ID:' box of Crossmatch option in Position Search.  The column 
   supports the following datatypes:  int, short, long, or char.